Discouragement and Faith

“Moses told the people of Israel what the Lord had said, but they refused to listen anymore. They had become too discouraged…” Exodus 6:9


 “They had become too discouraged”

Have you been there? Too discouraged? Faithless? Wavering in unbelief?

When we get discouraged it is hard to access our faith to take us through the darkness of our path.  We may get lost.  We may see a challenge that has been put before us instead as a failure.  Rather than mounting the obstacle, we instead refuse to believe that it can be overcome.


The past year threw unexpected challenges at me.  At first, I lost my faith.  I didn’t even realize I had.  The discouragement I felt became so thick I lost sight of the possibility that surrounded me. 

I looked to others to rise me up.  But I was at a loss.  I had walked away from the one Truth that stood before me.  And I had overlooked that this boulder had been placed in front of me for a reason.

This was the season I was in. And I was meant to be here with this boulder.

I became so discouraged, like the people of Israel, I refused to listen to Him. 

I refused to see that the path that I had been put on was the path that I was meant to be on.


Instead, I took a seat on the thorny ground and waved my white flag.


The fog was so thick in front of me. 

The river was too wide to cross. 


“Pick up your staff and raise your hand over the sea. Divide the water so the Israelites can walk through the middle of the sea on dry ground.” Exodus 14:16


They thought the river was too wide to cross.


For us, mere mortals, we cannot see the possibility of an infinite God.

We believe we are standing in the face of discouragement, yet it is not discouragement at all, it is part of our destiny. 

Just as the parting of the Red Sea in Exodus 14:16 was part of the Israelites destiny.  Had Moses not persisted, what then? What if in Exodus 6:9 Moses had sat down with the discouraged Israelites?

What if he had not listened? What if he heard God’s voice but instead said, “No way Lord, that’s just crazy talk, you’re going to part the sea and create dry land? Boy, I thought I was delusional.”


Discouragement not only threatens our faith, it threatens our God given destiny.             

We can’t see the whole path for our life, just the sliver that lies before us.

If the Israelites could see the parting of the Red Sea, if they KNEW that was in their density, on THEIR path, do you think they would have felt discouraged?

Do you think they would have said, “Ya, you know what Moses, we’ve kinda had enough of this whole ‘you talking to God thing’ we don’t believe you anymore. Look at us! We are broken and betrayed!”…

The funny thing is, we think we know better than Him.


Most likely because we have too many voices in our head.

We need to take a step back and ask some questions:

Who is guiding me right now?

Is it God?

Is it our Ego?

Is it those around us?

It is our "idols" in the media?

Where are we placing our faith?

What is feeding our discouragement?


Yes, this boulder has been placed before you.  YES there is a river that seems too wide to cross. But is it too wide for Him?  Is this boulder too heavy for an almighty God?

The problem is WE cannot see what lies ahead. Only HE can. 

If we are listening to HIM – and He is always right, how can we be discouraged?

When we are on HIS PATH for our life, how can we be let down?


It is when we decide to write our own story, when we think WE know better. When we want to walk our own path...that is when we get lost. 

That is when we miss the gifts that are patiently waiting for us.


When we believe we have a short cut that will get us there faster...

That is when we stumble

That is when we sink into discouragement

That is when we get so sullen we cannot pull ourselves out


When we think that this OUR story to write and OUR story to tell

It is not

It is His story.

We are destined for Glory if we follow the path that He has laid out for us

We will get to places that we have never imagined if we follow the TRUTH that is in our hearts and not in our heads.


Do not be discouraged, but instead take heart, that your life is guided by something far greater than you can ever imagine.  



Lily Dickinson