Self Care - Love Your Body LilyBeaches Version


1.       Take one minute and check-in with your body. Head to toe. Where do you need to give yourself more love today?

2.       Create your favorite workout outfit. Get dolled up and do a mini-photo shoot with yourself or friends  

3.       Get out of your exercise comfort zone. Try something new: if you do cardio, try sprint intervals; if you go to the gym, try a new piece of equipment (stop being afraid, ask someone in the gym to show you, or google that ***); if you do yoga, try HIIT; if you workout at home, sign-up for a group class.

4.       Ditch 3 workout items you no longer use (give to a friend or donate to a clothes recycling company)

5.       Give yourself an at-home spa day: body scrub, face mask, bath bombs, nails, hair, break out those samples sitting at the bottom of your drawer from Sephora, do whatever you need to do to feel pampered.

6.       Give yourself a facial massage: Video 1  or Video 2 

7.       Stop comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be; you still have more learning to do before you level-up! 

8.       Treat yourself. Give in to your tasty desire. Savor every bite.  Be present with your treats.  

9.       Unplug your workout.  Use printables ( TIU Printables

10.   Create a morning wellness ritual.  If this involves waking up earlier than everyone else, do it - these first moments we can give to ourselves can change the entire energy of our day. 

11.   Edit your social media feeds, find people who inspire you to reach higher.  Follow them. If no one inspires you, you’ve just found your niche market – go create your dream.

12.   Unfollow people who pull you down.  Mute family or friends who are not cheering you on. (It may sound mean, but you will thank me later). 

13.   Don’t share everything with everyone.  Not everyone will be for you, your growth and your journey.  That’s ok.  It’s yours.  Own it.   

14.   Jump rope for 5 minutes.  If you are crazy, try 20.  

15.   Try a new recipe:  or one of my all-time faves

16.   Sunday Runday: Get out your shoes, your outfit, and do a 5km run/walk outside

17.   Find a new wellness magazine (You can get digital subscriptions now, no one needs 50,000 magazines laying around the house anymore  )

18.   Alternate water in between Kombucha, smoothies, wine, and everything else. Pretend you’re a plant, water yourself.

19.   Find a new meditation: Boho Beautiful Meditation

20.   Find a new yoga class: Boho Beautiful Yoga  (she used to live in my Condo, I like to promote women who chase their dreams)

21.   Get inspired with “What I Eat in a Day” meal ideas:  Tess Begg Playlist

22.   Let go of your past.  Last week, last month, last year, last 10 minutes. Let that *** go.  

23.   What is one thing that is holding you back?  What advice would you give your friend if she were having that same struggle?  Tell that advice to yourself.

24.   Go to another part of town and try a different grocery store or farmers’ market

25.   Give yourself a massage:  Or better yet, have someone give you one. 

26.   Celebrate your awesomeness by having a dance party for one (little humans and pets allow) Spotify Playlist