Social Media Numbers

I thought my glory was on the other side of a number.

120, 115, 110.

My worth was measured in likes and comments and numbers. Up up up.


No, I needed 10k to reach my glory.

That's where my happiness was.

I should be no more than 115lbs and have 10k followers.

That's the path to God right?

That's when my happiness will be fulfilled.

That's when I will reap all the benefits of my hard work. All that counting. All those numbers. Maybe I'm not supposed to talk numbers, Right?



But I'm 20lbs heavier in that picture on the right. The one I took 5 minutes ago. You know why I have a hat over my face in the other picture? Because it's so sunken in Photoshop ain't gonna rescue it...

If you want to lose 5lbs or 50 I'm not going to stop you. But DON'T do what I did.

DON'T put your worth on the other side of a number. The probability of you being born is 1 in 400 trillion.

You are so special ALREADY.

Why is that not good enough?