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Goal Weight & Deferring Happiness

Internal narrative, “I thought that losing 40lbs would make me happier? Now I can fit into all those clothes I wanted to fit into, feel confident at the beach, people will like me more, they will want to know my secret……” 

Steps out of the bathroom and logs into social media. 

Internal narrative: "Hum….. her goal weight got more likes than mine…."

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Hashtag #notafitnessaddict?!

Hashtag #fitnessaddict hashtag #GOALS! Amiright?!

We are a society addicted to body transformations.

However, these transformations are no longer over months or years but, “BIKINI BODY IN 90-DAYS, 6 week plans, 7-DAY before and afters”.  And this has been causing a lot of women in the online fitness community a whole lot of problems; including yours truly.  

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Self Care - Love Your Body LilyBeaches Version

1.       Take one minute and check-in with your body. Head to toe. Where do you need to give yourself more love today?

2.       Create your favorite workout outfit. Get dolled up and do a mini-photo shoot with yourself or friends  

3.       Get out of your exercise comfort zone. Try something new: if you do cardio, try sprint intervals; if you go to the gym, try a new piece of equipment (stop being afraid, ask someone in the gym to show you, or google that ***); if you do yoga, try HIIT; if you workout at home, sign-up for a group class.

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