Grounding into Mother Earth - Short Meditation

You are her goddess

Embodied in her ebb and flow

Your energy is ceaseless

Intertwined in her glow

-          Lily Dickinson



This practice is for centering your body in Mother Earth, knowing she supports your every move


Find a place to sit, as close to the earth as you can


Take a long deep breath in



Picture yourself in a lush green wilderness

Perhaps it is a forest with silver birch and pine high in the sky

Maybe you are in a rainforest encased in its vibrancy

Or a flourishing meadow with wildflowers all around


Breathe in your surroundings


Put your hands on Mother Earth

Connect with her energy

Feel her supporting your body

Take a long deep breath in



See the energy of her spirit filling you

Her aura encircles your light, entering your body and giving you life


Ground your body against her

She is holding you up

Supporting you



She never leaves you

She has been here for all time, and she will be here evermore

Take a long deep breath in



Breathe and feel your connection getting stronger

There is no separation between you and her

You are one


Daily Practice

At different moments of the day when you are walking, feel your feet grounded to the earth. Feel the support under your body, holding you up at all moments of the day. 

Lily Dickinson