100 Things (2017 Post)

For the past few years, nearing the end of December, I sit down, guided by Leonie Dawson’s Workbook, and write out 100 things to do in the New Year.  

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100 things to do in 2018

(my 2017 post)


  1. Do everything from a place of LOVE
  2. Celebrate and Release 2016 (Closing Ceremony)
  3. Always visualize a beautiful world
  4. Practice Screen-Free Saturdays
  5. Write Every Damn Day
  6. Celebrate the accomplishments of other women
  7. Stay informed, active, passionate and engaged
  8. Create a morning ritual
  9. Go Solar!
  10. Pray often and for others
  11. Read 1 book a month on a new topic
  12. Practice Breathwork
  13. Take off my masks
  14. Study the Word
  15. Stay connected to a community of like minded women
  16. Make jewelry
  17. “Burn my best candles on ordinary days”
  18. Stop looking for external validation
  19. #lookforLOVE (ToneItUp)
  20. Practice Deep Listening to others
  21. Decrease plastic consumption (Plastic Free)
  22. Create a positive daily mantra
  23. Write out 365 things that make me happy (1 thing every day)
  24. Plan my week
  25. Show compassion
  26. Finish all 7 Harry Potter books & Movies
  27. Create themed months
  28. Plant trees
  29. Take time to silently reflect, turn inward, rest & nurture
  30. Volunteer
  31. Reduce food waste, eat ugly fruit
  32. Knit knit knit
  33. Maintain my daily gratitude notebook
  34. Engage in self-care
  35. Make 1 new recipe a week
  36. Set new intentions every New Moon
  37. Share my knowledge
  38. Mentor others
  39. Know imperfection is still beautiful
  40. Practice Energy work
  41. Shop local
  42. Make more conscious consumer choices
  43. Use essential oils
  44. Paint something
  45. Create a moon box (oils, crystals, beads, necklace, tea, meditation)
  46. Make a ‘self-care & healing’ box
  47. Give thanks in advance for the abundance in my life
  48. Simplify my routines
  49. Listen to my body
  50. Support farmers’ markets
  51. Follow the 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot
  52. Journal (Journey through Journaling)
  53. Ignite my inner strength
  54. Read all the She Reads Truth Plans for the year
  55. Grow my own organic fruits, vegetables, herbs…
  56. Know Miracles happen when I am open to them
  57. Do more Kundalini Yoga
  58. Make something with my hands and give it away
  59. Knit a sweater that fits!
  60. Help others, “no one has ever become poor by giving”
  61. Know I am entitled to miracles
  62. Make a mala necklace
  63. Learn how things are made, start to finish
  64. Ask: How can I be of service – to others, God, mother earth?
  65. Meditate
  66. Go into nature as often as possible
  67. Practice Full Moon Rituals (GoddessRising)
  68. Find passion in my work
  69. Practice being humble
  70. Have an Enchanted Forest Picnic
  71. Get off the Grid
  72. Complete the Boho Beautiful program
  73. Dream bigger dreams
  74. Fall asleep under the stars
  75. Encourage sustainable practices in myself and others
  76. Embrace my wild sacred feminine power
  77. Forget that people are watching
  78. Build an altar, Sacred space
  79. Finish my PhD & find my path
  80. Get active in my community
  81. Create a capsule wardrobe
  82. Do morning pages
  83. Create a healing card deck
  84. Shift into sensing: taste, touch, sight, smell, hear
  85. Trust my journey
  86. Create a course
  87. Find passionate & driven people
  88. #yogaeverydamnday (OneOEight)
  89. Publish all my thesis papers
  90. Carry a new crystal or gemstone everyday
  91. Re-read Power of a Praying wife
  92. Release anger, sadness and expectation
  93. Thank the farmer who grew my meals
  94. Do random acts of kindness
  95. Connect with the cycles and seasons of nature
  96. #waterisLIFE
  97. Always come from a place of non-judgement
  98. Check-in weekly and monthly with my 100 things list
  99. Update and Add new ‘things’ to my 100 things every month
  100. Create 15 REALLY BIG goals that when I accomplish them, I know miracles are real
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