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30 moments of self care


take time for yourself

1.            Get a notebook and write all the positive comments people give you in person, in text, or write to you online

2.            Do one full minute of long deep breathing, place your hand on your tummy

3.            Take the scenic route home

4.            Make a list of 5 outrageous dreams or ideas

5.            Turn off your phone from sunset to sunrise

6.            Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, or a single rose

7.            Fix something broken

8.            Reach out to someone who has been on your mind lately

9.            Take 1 action to get you closer to something your heart desires

10.        Go into nature:  Meditate by looking at the sky for 3 minutes and nothing else

11.        Learn something new: Find a new DIY on YouTube and give it a try

12.        Be present when you prepare your food: feel the texture, smell all the smells  

13.        Find a new playlist

14.        Try a new herbal tea

15.        Create a mantra: Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat it 5 times

16.        Clean out a drawer

17.        Close all tabs: Restart your computer (laptop, phone or ipad)

18.        Stop at 3pm every day and focus on your breath and nothing else for a few minutes

19.        Find the bottom of your sink

20.        Delete an App you no longer use

21.        Listen to the spa channel and relax

22.        Put fresh sheets on your bed and hide under the covers

23.        Organize your books by theme, theme or A - Z

24.        Open up all the windows and doors (if it is winter, open up all your blinds) 

25.        Go outside

26.        Cuddle an animal or a tiny human

27.        Create a 15 minute spa day: Use a face mask, give yourself a mani or pedi (no nail polish required) 

28.        Think of one new thing to do each week

29.        Recycle or give away 3 things

30.        Send a message to a friend to let them know you are rooting for them

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