A short list of slow living ideas



Do less better

Create a morning ritual

Put your phone down

Allow yourself to be bored

Don’t fill up all your space and time in the day

Be fully present with other people

Leave space open in your life for magic to happen

Know that slow is a choice you can make



Eat real food

Home cook a meal

Sit at a table to eat

Take time to prepare, eat, & clean your kitchen space



Disconnect or mindfully engage

Be a conscious influencer

Use social media to add value to your life

Create an evening free from technology

Replace screen time with reading, crafting, music or nature



Make a cup of tea being present at each step

Create a daily routine

Journal pen to paper

Read a book, made of paper

Devote time in the evening to a new hobby or project

Be aware of your surroundings

Create an evening ritual centered on self-care

Slow down your breathing



Declutter your beauty routine

Start at capsule wardrobe

Be a sustainable purchaser 

Say no

Be picky where you invest your money

Donate or recycle items you haven’t used in over a year





Lily Dickinson