Slowing Down - Simplify your to-do list

We are constantly filling up all the minutes in our day. From the moment we wake, until the last minute of the night.

Frazzled. Weakened. Missing out. 

“I don’t’ have enough hours in the day”

We are spinning so fast we miss open doors. 

Missing new light trying to shine onto our lives.

New opportunities. New ways to love more deeply.

Ourselves.  Others.

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Slowing down, doing less, can create more space. 

It is said that only 20% of our effort creates 80% of our result.

What are we doing with the other 80% of our lives?


When we start to create space we allow light to pour into our lives. 

We can create stillness amongst the chaos.

We can increase our perseverance.

We can cultivate greater awareness. 

We can see both the forest and the trees. 

We can find openness in our hearts and our minds. 


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Our busy is not really busy.  

It’s chaos.  It’s pain.  It’s over-planned.

We are multitasking our lives away.

Stuck in a cyclical comparison trap.

More is not better.  More is just more. 

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This week I have created a sheet for you to simplify your to-do list. 

It asks four simple questions:

How am I slow living today?

How am I moving my body today?

How am I nourishing my body today?

How am I creating space in my life

today for new light to pour in?


[need some ideas for what to put in your day? see A Short List of Slow Living HERE]




In these final days of summer. Choose slow.  Choose intentional.  Choose to create more spaciousness. Melt into your to-do list. Nourish your soul with the ebb and flow of life. Find the journey you are meant to be on.



Lily Dickinson