Creating Karmic Shifts under a Scorpio Sign

The other day I had some sort of emotional collapse.  I was walking along the streets downtown crying into my phone, I said that it felt like 2002 (a very bad year in my life). 

I had been [that-unfortunately-overly-used-word-in-our-social-media-lexicon] *triggered* by something in my current life. And like Michael J. Fox, in Back to the Future, I was suddenly teleported into another realm where my emotional state was so unnerving I believed it couldn’t possibly be 2018. In that moment I felt as though I hadn’t made any progress in my mental well-being in 15+ years.  I knew it wasn’t true, but, you see - I had somehow fallen backwards into a “worm-hole” (as my mother termed it). 

scorpio the wild moon oct 2018.png


What is a worm-hole?

A worm-hole - in the astronomical sense - is a “theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe”.

The scientific definition has an ominous note:  “be wary: wormholes bring with them the dangers of sudden collapse, high radiation and dangerous contact with exotic matter”.


YES! I exclaimed.  I felt all those things.  Collapse.  Strange exotic matter surrounding me. High levels of energy closing in on my physical body.


Today, I sat down to write a post on us shifting into a new astrological sign, Scorpio.

Before I write, I like to check the “tone” of the world; it helps to guide what I feel those around me need to hear.

And little surprise - each post, email, message and conversation had the same energy.

This graphic sums it up succinctly:



We know, as women, boss babes, modern mystics, kundalinis, warriors, spiritual badasses, that the following points are true:

  1. Everything you think creates form on some level

  2. How you feel in this exact moment is more important than anything else (WHY)

    because how you feel right now is creating your life (the present moment is all that exists)

  3. The energetic signals you are transmitting into your world are creating your reality


Armed with this knowledge, what are we doing?

Circling the drain? Going through our samskaras?  Complaining to friends and family about our friends and family?

Yes, we have conditioned patterns

Yes, our karmic memory is stored in our cellular DNA - and can be triggered

Yes, other people have complex behaviors, patterns, addictions, and painful responses that we can’t control and want to react to…

But we know better, don’t we?

We have tools, don’t we?

Do you need a short list?



the technology of Kundalini


essential oils






BUT, But??

But I don’t understand your pain?

But I haven’t experienced your trauma?

But you deserve to be emotionally wrecked?

But he hurt you?

But they wronged you?


And I support you.

And if you were in front of me, I would try to create the safest space I possibly could for you.

But I’m not.

I’m over here, in Canada, behind my keyboard.

So YOU need to create that space for yourself.

YOU have the tools.


The day after I tripped and fell backwards into that worm-hole, I unconsciously started singing Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. This is a mantra for ultimate healing, it was first taught in 1973 as a sacred meditation:

"For healing at a distance, this is the mantra. It cuts across time and space so you can send healing energy to someone thousands of miles away as easily as you can send it to someone across the room."
-Shakti Parwha Kaur

More information on this mantra and meditation HERE


Today, as we shift into the watery sign of Scorpio, I’m committing myself to a 40-day meditation using this transformational healing mantra.

There is a beautiful version of the Mantra by Snatam Kaur below (it is also on Spotify)

I encourage you to listen to it, sing along even. Maybe even sing along for 40-days with me.

Let’s shift our patterns, create a new path for ourselves, one where we have built a foundation so strong that even the wildest currents can’t knock us off our feet.