Scripting the last 55 Days of 2018 under a Scorpio New Moon  

There are 55 days left until 2019.  Rather than setting intentions to be cast upon some future moment, today we are going to set in motion action items by scripting them into our reality.   


Write the story of the next 55 days of your life. Exactly as they will happen.


Write it day by day, week by week, or cast a vision for your life at the beginning of the month and for the end of the month.


Script your life until the final hour of 2018.  

new moon scorpio 2018 2 .jpg.png

Tips for Scripting under the guidance of the New Moon


Prepare a sacred space to manifest this new life


Write it from a place of pure gratitude… this has ALREADY HAPPENED


Use positive words with detailed emotion


Write with certainty


Be specific


What will you accomplish?

Focus on how you FEEL. 

How does accomplishing these things in the next 55 days change your outlook?

What emotions are you experiences?

What sensations are stirring in your soul?



Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself to stir your mind…


What are you giving up?

What are you making room for?

What are you doing fearlessly?

What seeds are you planting?

Who are you communicating with?

How are you communicating with them?

Who are you mentoring?

Who is mentoring you?

Who are you serving?

What is giving you meaning?

What goals did you have unfinished from 2018?

What are you checking off?

What are you educating yourself with?

What are you reading?

What are you eating?

How are you moving?

What are you wearing?

How are you treating your body?

What are you doing you haven’t done before?

What is intimidating you, but you are doing it anyway?

What are you risking?

What are you investing your time and money in?

What are you taking charge of?

What are you willing to do to go that extra mile?

What dream have you always wanted and never written down?

What company do you want to start?

How are you keeping track of your accomplishments?

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Who are you sharing with?

What are you delegating?

How are you reducing distractions?

What are you not giving up on?

What’s making you smile?

What’s lighting up your soul?


Here are some words










High standards

Hard work











ARE YOU READY? Grab a lot of paper and a pen.

Write a script for your life, like your life depends on it!