Selfless Service under the Virgo Full Moon

At 7:51pm on March 1st, 2018 Luna, our beloved moon, will enter the sign of Virgo.  And with it she will bring us a sense of service. 


We rise, to the highest glory, by lifting others.


Seva is a Sanskrit word that translates to “selfless service”.  

We are here to serve others humbly, in love.

To be open-handed.

 As freely as we have received, we are to give.

To share with those in need.  Those weak in spirit.

'The generous themselves will be blessed'.


As your hand is open to hers, your hand is open to yourself.

As she is filled, so too are you.


We are all interwoven on this journey. 

 The separation from others we perceive is an illusion. 

We are born not to serve ourselves, but to serve others.

2018-03-01 04.23.55 1.jpg

Your hand open to hers, is your hand open to yourself.



You fill yourself up, as she is filled.


We are here to serve others

Even simply as:

Words of encouragement

Our reverent support.

A prayer from a distance.


We are not autonomous. 

It is our perceived separation that is the illusion.


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Crystal Intention Setting

For Seva under the Virgo Full moon, set an intention with your crystal or stone to any of the affirmations, or create your own, and carry it with you thoughout the month as a reminder of your gifts:

I am blessed with a generous spirit

Abundance continues to flow through me

As she is filled with love, I am filled with love

I can be her source of strength

I sit in silent prayer before her, filling her up with blessings  

I share all my gifts with her

There is no separation between her and I, we are one

2018-03-01 03.28.31 1 (2).jpg

Tarot Practice

This month is your time to tap into your intuition.

This is your practice.

Serve yourself cards as you would serve another.

Read the cards as you would read to another.

As your practice unfolds, ask:

How can my strength be of service to others?

How can my triumphs be a source of light for those who cannot see a way?

How can I decrease the illusion of separation?

Guide me forward in service. 


Your time on this tiny blue earth will be measured by the Grace you can impart to others. 

Lily Dickinson