Scripting Under the Full Pink Gaia Moon in Libra

If I asked you what you did not want to happen in your life over the next month you could probably, with a sense of ease and certainly, come up with a list.

Maybe it would look something like:

I don’t want to be anxious,


a certain weight

lacking wealth

have a job I dislike




And on and on…


We spend a lot of time and mental energy manifesting things that we don’t want to happen in our life. 

We give these things control.  

An outsider may even say we are obsessed with them. 

At times they are all we think about:  the worry, the comparisons, the jealousy, the ‘Why her? Why not me?’…

We spend hours, days, even months of our life praying over what we don’t want,

“Please God don't let this happen….” 

We struggle. We believe we are not good enough, that we lack resources; we are swallowed up by comparison, casting ourselves as perpetual failures…  "I will never be able to..."  

*** FULL STOP ***

This Full Moon we are going to SHIFT this mentality of lack. 

Breathing life into our passions, into our emotional beings, into our communities, into our resources.



Scenario It is Tuesday May 1st, 2018.  You are sitting down, pen in hand, writing out what happened in the month of April.

Create the life of your dreams.  The month of all months.  The moment everything shifted.  Focus on joy.  Focus on abundance.  Focus on manifesting every resource you need to realize your full God given potential. 

Preparing to write your script:

Take a moment to pull yourself out of your perceived reality.  The thoughts in your mind are only as real as the energy you give them. 


Sit in a moment of stillness. Everything is within your reach.

Where do you want to see growth?

Where do you want to see change?

Where do you want to see strength?

What new relationships do you want to manifest?  

What new resources do you want to come your way?

What new missions do you want to be on?

What communities do you want to flourish?

What doors do you want to open?


How did you feel during the month of April?










divinely guided











full of grace




Capture a vision for your life. Detailed. Exactly how you want to feel. 



Write the story of your month, exactly as it happened. 

Write it day by day, week by week, or cast a vision for your life at the beginning of the month and for the end of the month.

Script the next 30 days of your life.

Tips for Scripting under the guidance of the Full Moon

Prepare a sacred space to manifest this new vision for your life          

Write it from a place of pure gratitude… this has ALREADY HAPPENED

Use positive words with detailed emotion

Write with certainty

Be specific

Focus on how you feel, not just on things (focus on the emotions of how this new life feels)

Example, rather than writing, “I am so happy I don’t have anxiety anymore”, script your month from a place of the new found sense of freedom from anxiety.  Write a scripted scenario: “…I walked confidently into our Tuesday meeting… proudly explaining my vision for our new product launch…”.  Push the detail further:  What time did you wake up at? Has the sun already risen? What were you wearing? What is the temperature? What did they say when you walked in? How did you reply? Who was in attendance? How did you feel in that exact moment?

Use all of your senses (smell, touch, taste, sight, sound….) to script your month.   

What sensations went through your body?

Write it in detail, every scene of this month

You can write it as a letter to someone else

Again, write it as though it has ALREADY happened

Example, we don’t ask, “God, please protect me from…”.  Instead you pray, “Thank YOU God for protecting me!” – cast it out to the Universe. You are not asking for protection.  You are setting into motion a reality that has already happened.  You are protected. 

-          Be specific

-          Write in the present tense

-          Know what you want

-          Feel what you want

-          Be entirely in that moment

-          Be grateful that it is YOUR life


Write at least 4 pages. 

Close the book. 

Let it go. 

Put your notes under the full moon light.

With gratitude.


Lily Dickinson