Release and Burn: Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

He asks me to come closer. He reaches out his hands and takes mine - looking at me with slight concern. “There’s something going on out there” he starts, “I don’t know what it is, but the energy is intense. I want you to be safe, be very aware. We just need to get though these next few days.”

And then I tell him there’s a Full Moon. A Blood Moon.  The longest lunar eclipse of this century.

He looks at me with mild skepticism. But knows, in his bones, that the energy of our crowded city is at capacity.  It’s spilling out onto the streets, there is chaos all around.

He says, “We need to ground ourselves to the earth”. And he’s right. 

Retrogrades and eclipses abound. 

Stirring inner turmoil. 

Mercury – Retrograde in Leo

Mars – Retrograde in Aquarius

Saturn – Retrograde in Capricorn

Neptune – Retrograde in Pisces

Pluto - Retrograde in Capricorn

(c) lily dickinson

(c) lily dickinson

Practice: Release and burn

If we do not resist, and instead turn inward to our retrograding vibrational frequencies, we can tap into what no longer serves our true path.


Eyes 9/10ths closed focused at your 3rd eye 

You are mercury, you are Mars, you are Saturn, you are Neptune, you are Pluto. 

You are a planet traversing nostalgia and regressing in your own expressive emotions.  Your highest vibrational self is deteriorating.

You are spinning backwards.  Illusions brim against your surface. 

Is the moon gone? Has Mercury gotten lost?  Does Pluto know her way?

Find your shadows.  Find your dark side of the moon.  Find those depths you fall into when the light seems too strong.

Grab a pen and paper:

Write down your shadow self. The one you revert back to.  The one who is comfortable. The one who wants to Netflix and Chill. The one who leaves you behind when excitement and challenge prevail.

Find your True North, and then look down and pick up the rock at your feet and look under it.  What do you find?  A strange creature you know intimately? A boulder so heavy it is weighing down on all your hopes and dreams?

Look to your shadow. Look into her eyes. And ask her:

How does she feel?

What are her fears?

Where is her pain?

What is she hiding from others?

What is keeping her bound to a low vibrational life?

And write.

Write an entire page.

Read it out loud. With conviction.

Then light a match.

And Burn it.


Grab a new piece of paper. A new pen. Some crystals, Oils, whatever calls your higher self.


Neptune’s blues, soft as a bird’s egg, are cascading down through your crown

Saturn’s golds are shimmering over your body

Pluto is giving you abundant hope

The planets are all aligning, an impossible feat

Their energetic pull is making way for new possibilities

Opening all portals of knowing

Turn to your True Self. Your Sat Nam. Your True Identity.  Look her in the eye. Grab her hand and place it in yours.

What are her dreams?

What are her highest aspirations?

What words make her sing?

What thoughts give her hope?

Where does she find abundance?

Where sets her heart on fire?

Write it down. 

Keep asking her, look at her, and write it down.

She is telling you.

Channel her highest vibrational self.

Channel her full potential.

You are her.

Align with your true self.

Second Practice

Fill a bath. Dried flowers, herbs, oils, crystals.

And release.

Release down into the water knowing that all that does not serve you will be washed away.

Soak until you no longer remember who you were.

Your True North is being realized.

Dry your body and locate your writing.

Read it to yourself.

Feel it.

Own it.

This is you.

All that does not serve you is no longer in your energetic realm.

Hold your words, the paper in your hands, and close your eyes.

Visualize your true identity.

Now walk forward knowing your truth. 


Lily Dickinson