Connecting to your Highest Self under a January New Moon Solar Eclipse

Gather your favorite pen, a note pad or a single piece of paper, a quiet corner of your home (preferably near a window), the list of intentions you set at the beginning of January (on paper, or in your mind)


Pour some tea, put on or diffuse an oil; find a crystal, stone or a favorite piece of jewelry

This practice can be as long or as short as you want it to be.  This is your practice.  There is no wrong way. 

The Practice

Under the dark starry night sky take a moment to reflect.

Place a crystal (stone or jewelry) in your hand

Centre yourself with a few long deep breaths. 

As you breathe, feel the energy in the stone that you are holding. Move it around in your hand. Feel its edges. Notice its weight.

Feel the connection. The oneness.   

Take as long as you need to settle in to your breath. 

Feel the expanse of this moment, the vastness of our Universe


Open your eyes and bring yourself back to your body


Envision your intentions for the year.

Write each of them down.

One by one, read them out loud or quietly in your mind.

And pause.


How do you feel about each intention? 

Ask: Is this intention aligned with my highest self?

Tune into the sensations of your body and notice any changes.


When you envision your intention do you feel any contractions or blocked spaces in your body, or do you sense a feeling of openness and acceptance. Notice if your breathing changed. Did it become slower and deeper or is there a tenseness or a constriction in your breath. Do you feel a lightness, an ease, expansiveness?


Continue this practice until you have completed reflecting on all your intentions


Take a few moments to center back on your breath. 

Slow, deep, long. 


The Rewrite

Guided by the energy of the New Moon

Take your pen and make notes on your experience

Then make any changes you feel necessary to your intentions to align them with your highest self



Lily Dickinson